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BlueStar is a professional facilities Management company specializing in once-off and contract cleaning services. Our aim is to create a hygienic and pleasant environment not only for our clients, but their visitors too. Health and safety plays a vital role in our daily operations. This is why we fully train all our staff members, who also undergo site specific induction and additional training.

Our managers assess every facility individually to determine the cleaning requirements, and to advise the client on the best procedures, while bearing in mind the specific needs of the site. Our committed managers are actively involved in every site and regularly do quality controls and checks. Blue Star supplies all cleaning equipment and utilizes only the latest cleaning technologies to ensure that your environment is expertly cleaned.
Our managers assess every facility individually to determine the cleaning requirements.


Improving the level of hygiene in your bathroom reflects your business' values and regard for the comfort and safety of your staff and customers.
You can rely on the Initial hygiene experts to provide you with expert advice on the risks of poor bathroom hygiene. This expertise ensures our innovative and environmentally friendly hygiene products and services minimise the risk of infection from bacteria commonly found in the bathroom, whilst helping to reduce your water usage, energy and costs spent on cleaning services.

Our experienced representatives perform a free bathroom hygiene survey, using professional tools to determine the cleanliness levels of your bathroom. This survey allows our experts to offer recommendations on how to maintain or improve the standard of hygiene in order to prevent and reduce the spread of bacteria.

Our wide range of bathroom hygiene services and products are suitable for all types of business, large or small, with premises open or closed to the public. We offer full installation of all our equipment - available through a hassle-free rental and maintenance program.

You can rest assured that all hygiene products will be serviced regularly by our expert technicians, whilst you are guaranteed a consistently high level of service


We are a leading provider of bathroom solutions, offering a comprehensive range.
We are a leading provider of bathroom solutions, offering a comprehensive range of bathroom hygiene products combined with proactive hygiene services designed to ensure your needs are consistently met to a high standard.

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